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Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, you may lose a little bit of shine and your teeth may appear a bit yellow. If that is the case, teeth whitening from Amir Sanjabi, DDS can help you regain your pearly whites.
According to the American Association of Orthodontists, about 90 percent of people who visited the dentist asked for teeth whitening procedures.
Teeth whitening is the most common and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure. At Amir Sanjabi, DDS, we can provide you all the facts you need about teeth whitening so that you can make an informed decision:

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Why Do Teeth Become Dull and Yellow?

Over time, your teeth may become dull and discolored due to a number of reasons:
•  Age: As you grow older, your enamel becomes thin until the yellow or grey dentin shows through.
•  Food: Frequent consumption of dark-pigmented food can stain your teeth.
•  Tobacco: Tobacco contains tar and nicotine, which can stain your teeth brown and yellow.
•  Genetics: Some people are genetically prone towards teeth staining or have genetic disorders like amelogenesis imperfect which affects the formation of enamel.
•  Trauma: Your tooth may change color if its nerve has been damaged or killed due to a blow to the mouth.
•  Medication: Certain medication like tetracycline, doxycycline, antihistamines, and antipsychotics can discolor teeth.
•  Fluoride: Small children who have been overexposed to fluoride may also get chalky white striations on their teeth.

What Happens in a Teeth Whitening Process?

Teeth whitening is a process that involves the use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in a concentration of 10 to 22 percent. These bleaching agents react with the stain molecules on the surface of your teeth and break them into small pieces, resulting in less concentration of pigment. This results in brighter teeth.
Whitening procedures performed by Amir Sanjabi, DDS and can brighten your natural tooth color from five to seven shades.
A light-activated teeth whitening session may show a dramatic difference in the brightness of your teeth. However, it is not a permanent process and after a year of normal eating, your teeth may start accumulating stains again and you will need to repeat the process.

Is Teeth Whitening Effective On All Teeth?

Keep in mind though that teeth whitening works well on extrinsic stains, not intrinsic ones that appear from within. This means that tooth discoloration caused by tooth injury, fluoride exposure, or certain medication may not respond well to teeth whitening procedures.
Additionally, teeth whitening will not work on dental crowns, bonding, veneers or composite fillings.
People who have periodontal disease or sensitive teeth may experience irritation when bleach is applied to their teeth. Pregnant women should also exercise caution when getting their teeth whitening as there is not enough research on the effect of this procedure on the fetus.

Oral Care After Teeth Whitening Procedure

Practicing good dental hygiene can keep your teeth brighter for a longer time. Brushing and flossing can prevent dental plaque from forming and giving your teeth a yellow color.
It is also important to wait about 30 minutes after eating or drinking acidic food as acid can weaken your enamel and if you brush it in its weakened state, it is more likely to erode. As a result, your dentin will start to show, giving your teeth a yellow or grey tone.
It is also a good idea to incorporate apples, celery, cauliflower, and carrots into your diet as these food items can help clean your teeth and eliminate bacteria.
You can also use a straw to sip dark-colored beverages as it allows minimum contact of the drink with your teeth and hence prevents staining.

Teeth whitening is a very effective and safe treatment to brighten your natural teeth. However, it may not be effective in certain cases. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling us at (562) 869-0928. If your stains are extrinsic, they can more easily be removed by the whitening process. For all other cases, we offer dental veneers and bonding procedures as well.

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Teeth whitening is the most common and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure. At Amir Sanjabi, DDS, we can provide you all the facts you need about teeth whitening so that you can make an informed decision.
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