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Sports are responsible for over 36% of injuries to teens and preteens. Out of these injuries, 10-20% of injuries are facial traumas, according to the American Dental Association. Participants are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth if they are not wearing mouth guards.

At Amir Sanjabi, DDS, we strongly recommend the use of custom-fitted mouth guards whenever you are participating in sports. Mouth guards are an important piece of dental equipment for any person taking part in sports that involve flying balls, jarring body contact, and falls. Some of these sports include:
•  Baseball
•  Soccer
•  Basketball
•  Football
•  Hockey
•  Tennis
•  Skateboarding
•  Biking
•  Gymnastics

What are Sports Mouth Guards?

A mouthguard is a semi-circular, protective device, usually made from thermoplastic or polyurethane, that covers the teeth and prevents injury to your teeth, gum, and tongue. With a sports mouth guard, there is lower risk of you breaking your teeth, cutting your mouth, or biting your tongue.

Reasons to Wear Mouth Guards

Wearing sports mouth guards can prevent the following types of injuries:

Tooth Displacement and Fractures

The foremost purpose of a sports mouth guard is to prevent your teeth from cracking, breaking, or loosening during the game. A ball to the mouth can mean the loss of your front teeth and thousands of dollars in costly dental repair. If you wear a sports mouth guard, it can take the brunt of the blow, preventing injury to your teeth.

Mouth Scarring

A hard elbow to the mouth does not just have the potential to knock out your teeth, it can also make you bite through the soft skin of your lip. In this case, not only can you lose a tooth, but you may also require stitches, which can leave you with nasty facial scars.

Tongue and cheek injuries are also very common in sports. If you suffer a nasty fall, your teeth can end up biting your tongue or cheek, damaging them severely. These injuries can take a long time to heal, may result in lasting damage, and can be very painful during eating. A mouth guard can help protect the soft tissues in your mouth.

Additionally, children who wear braces are particularly susceptible to these kinds of injuries, so our dentists strongly recommend they wear mouthguards during any such activities.

Jaw Fracture

Mouth guards can also help to distribute any blow to your jaw and prevent jaw fractures. When you receive a blow to the head, it can cause your teeth to slam together hard, resulting in fractures in the jaw bone. The mouth guard cushions your jaw, saving you from surgery-requiring injuries.

Selecting a Mouth Guard

There are three types of mouth guards:

Stock Mouth Guard

Premade stock mouth guards are available at sports stores and don’t cost much. However, as they come in one-size-fits-all, you may have difficulty fitting them properly in your mouth. They may also feel bulky, make breathing and talking hard and may provide only a little protection. At Amir Sanjabi, DDS, we do not recommend their use.

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guard

Boil-and-bite mouth guards are made from thermoplastic, and their material softens when it is boiled. These mouthguards offer more protection than stock mouth guards and are more comfortable as well. They can be bought at sporting goods stores, as well.

Custom-Fit Mouth Guard

Custom-fit mouth guards are made by our dentists to fit perfectly in your mouth. These mouthguards are made of thermoplastic and offer maximum comfort and protection. At our office, Amir Sanjabi, DDS will take an impression of your teeth and your customized mouth guard will be molded to its specifications. Because of the extra time and effort, it will be a bit expensive, but they will also be resistant, durable and provide optimal protection. It's better to be safe than sorry.

To keep your smile protected, schedule an appointment for a custom-fit mouth guard by calling us at (562) 869-0928.

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At Amir Sanjabi, DDS, we strongly recommend the use of custom-fitted mouth guards when participating in sports. With a mouth guard, there is lower risk of breaking your teeth, cutting your mouth, or biting your tongue.
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