Invisalign for Adults
Downey, CA

woman putting in invisalign at Amir Sanjabi Dental in Downey, CA
Having crooked teeth as an adult can kill your confidence and even cause you to lose out on opportunities in the professional sector. Whether your did not have braces when younger or they did not work as well as you’d hoped, it may be something to consider changing as an adult. Many adults mistakenly believe that their teeth are stuck in the position they are in now unless they opt for traditional metal braces. This is not the case. In cases like these, Invisalign for adults is a much better option in nearly all cases. The experts here at Amir Sanjabi, DDS can help talk to you about your options if you want straighter teeth as an adult.

Invisalign for Adults is Incredibly Effective

One in five adults wants or wishes they had straighter teeth, so if you are one of them, it is important you understand what Invisalign brings to the table. Invisalign is a way to straighten teeth without braces that are noticeable. The aligners are clear and match your teeth perfectly, which makes them perfect for fitting in. You can talk like normal with them in once you get used to them, and in many cases, others will never even see them. Plus, they will not change your professional image.

Your aligner trays are changed once every two weeks so that your teeth slowly shift position. The treatment will vary in length, depending on the starting and finishing position of your teeth. You have to wear them 20-22 hours each day in order for them to be effective, only taking them out so you can eat and to wash them. Beyond that, they do all the work and you get all the benefits.

Benefits of Using Invisalign

Aside from Invisalign being difficult to detect, there are other benefits to using this system as well. They are often less painful than traditional braces, making them ideal for people who cannot take time off of work or life for an achy mouth. They are also easy to clean. You eat with them out, then brush and clean the aligner. Once you are done, the clean aligner goes on your clean teeth and you go about your day.

Invisalign for adults also gives you another benefit – they can help with almost any type of dental issue you may have. They can reduce overbites, close gaps in your teeth, and just give you a straighter, more confident smile. Finally, when you have straighter teeth, it also allows your overall oral health to be better since there are fewer hiding spots in your mouth that could lead to decay.

Contact Us for Help with Invisalign for Adults

When you have decided that now is the time to straighten out your teeth for both the confidence boost and the oral health benefits, call on us at Amir Sanjabi, DDS. We can go over what will go into the process, give you an idea of cost and time, and get your treatment started. To reach our office to schedule an appointment, simply call (562) 287-8016 today. We look forward to working with you.
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