Vista Pinhole Surgery

A smiling patient after Pinhole SurgeryVista Pinhole Surgery, is an innovative process used to treat gum recession. For years, patients diagnosed with gum recession had limited treatment options. Many individuals had no other choice but to undergo one or more painful tissue grafting procedures. In the past, a dentist would have to remove tissue from the roof of the mouth and transplant it onto the gums.

Unlike gum grafting, the Vista Pinhole Surgery is a short, painless, non-surgical operation with instantaneous results and a recovery time of under 24 hours. The cosmetic results are immediate and dramatic.

Gum Recession

Oral wellness is not just about keeping your teeth healthy. It is important to maintain the vitality of all the soft and hard tissue in your mouth. A receding gumline can occur to virtually anyone for a wide variety of reasons, including but not limited to: periodontal disease, over brushing, and aging.

Gum recession is a common problem, impacting fifty percent of adults in America and can lead to the formation of gaps between your teeth and gums. These gaps are vulnerable to harmful, acid producing bacteria. The spread of bacteria can eat away at your teeth, gums, and bone.

An increase of bacteria is usually a precursor to an increase in the severity of periodontitis, gingivitis, and a whole host of other issues. These issues will eventually lead to tooth loss and loss of density in the alveolar bone that anchors your teeth in place. When the alveolar bone begins to diminish, your teeth will loosen and begin to fall out. Once one tooth falls out, the others tend to follow. This is why it is important to be vigilant and address oral health problems as soon as possible.

The Process

Vista Pinhole Surgery is amazing and is revolutionizing the way we treat gum recession. This procedure can repair the gums of up to ten to fourteen teeth in one procedure. In comparison to gum recession, the procedure is quite simple and easy.

Here is an overview of what to expect:
1.  Amir Sanjabi, DDS will use a needle to make a minor pinhole in the soft tissue in the gum above the teeth.
2.  Using a customized instrument, Amir Sanjabi, DDS will loosen the gum from the bone it is attached to. The gum above the tooth is soft, healthy tissue that is filled with collagen.
3.  The gum tissue will neatly and quickly be moved down, around the teeth and then fortified with extra collagen under the tissue.
4.  You will be sent home to recover. The minor pinhole created by Amir Sanjabi, DDS to readjust the placement of the tissue should close within 24 hours.

Schedule An Appointment Today

It is always best to address gum recession as soon as possible. Because this procedure is new, it is not widely offered. We are proud to make it available to you. If you suspect gum recession is an issue you might be dealing with, let us know by calling us today at (562) 869-0928.
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