Single Tooth Implants

A woman smiling after receiving a single tooth dental implant from Amir Sanjabi, DDSAt Amir Sanjabi, DDS, we can offer you single tooth implants, multiple tooth implants, and implant-supported dentures that can provide you with a natural-looking smile. If you are missing one or just a few teeth, single tooth implants are a wonderful solution for you.

How Do Single Tooth Implants Work?

A single-tooth implant consists of several parts:
•  The implant: Implants are screw-shaped titanium prosthetics that are placed in the jawbone to replace the tooth root.
•  The abutment: The abutment is a rod that is attached to the implant and serves to connect it to the crown.
•  The crown: The crown is typically made of porcelain fused to metal, all-metal, or porcelain. The crown sits atop the abutment and provides the chewing function.

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Candidates for Single Tooth Implants

Single tooth implants can replace one or multiple teeth. Generally, adults who have overall good oral health and whose jawbone has stopped growing are good candidates for dental implants.
Even if your jawbone density is low, you can still get dental implants after you have a simple bone graft surgery to augment your jawbone.
Some people who are good candidates for dental implants are:
•  People who have healthy gums.
•  People who are committed to good oral hygiene.
•  People who do not smoke and drink excessively.
•  People who do not miss their routine dental appointments.

There are some people who may be at risk of poor dental implant outcomes. These include:
•  Young children whose jaw has not stopped growing.
•  Heavy smokers and alcoholics who are less likely to follow good oral hygiene or lifestyle habits. Additionally, substance abuse can interfere with the fusion of the implant with the jaw and the healing process.
•  Surgical wounds in people with hemophilia or other blood disorders may not heal.
•  People who have uncontrolled diabetes may also experience slow healing and are more at risk of infection.
•  People who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation to the head or neck area.
•  People on medication that suppress the immune system.
•  People who are undergoing an organ transplant.
•  People with connective tissue disease and poor immunity.
•  Women in their first trimester of pregnancy.
•  People who clench their teeth obsessively or suffer from bruxism.
•  People who are over 80 years of age.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants come with a wide range of benefits:
•  Single tooth implants look and feel natural.
•  They are a more secure and comfortable alternative to dental bridges and dentures.
•  They prevent your alveolar ridge from being resorped into the body.
•  They offer easier eating of all your regular food.
•  They do not cause sores in your mouth unlike dentures.
•  They offer convenient and improved oral health.
•  With proper care, single tooth implants can last you for decades.
•  They have a success rate of over 95 percent.

Complications for Single Tooth Implants

Like all dental treatments, dental implants may pose certain risks. If your jaw and gums do not heal properly, it can result in an increased risk of infection. Additionally, if the distance between your sinuses and nerves is not gauged properly, it can result in infection or nerve damage.
However, these risks are very rare and most of them happen with only high-risk patients. If you are missing your teeth, dental implants are a safe and effective choice for you.
If you are interested in the treatment, call us today at (562) 869-0928 to schedule an appointment.

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