Drinks You May Not Realize that Are Leading to Dental Stains

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
Drinks You May Not Realize that Are Leading to Dental StainsThe only drinks that typically will not cause dental stains are milk and plain water. Otherwise, it would be best if you were careful about the beverages you consume.

Some Clear Beverages Can Still Lead to Tooth Staining

Some people who drink white tea or sip white wine think they are safe. Because the beverages are clear, they don't believe they will stain the teeth. However, these beverages do lead to stains. White tea contains tannins. While tannins are useful for preventing infections, they do stain the teeth. Also, white wine is acidic. Therefore, the erosion it causes to the tooth's enamel will eventually trigger stains.

How to Drink Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee both lead to tooth staining. However, there are ways to ameliorate the problem. When you drink either beverage—hot or cold—always use a straw. Doing so will prevent the liquid from washing over the front teeth and direct it toward the back of the mouth. You can also neutralize the dark color of coffee and certain teas by adding milk. Do not add creamer, as it contains a good deal of sugar mixed with vegetable oil. Therefore, it is not dental-friendly.

Always Follow Up by Rinsing with Water

Clear sodas can also cause dental stains. They contain ingredients, such as citric acid, that cause erosion of the dental enamel and the formation of stains. This happens whether or not the drink contains sugar. If you want to drink coffee or a soda, always follow up by drinking water if you cannot brush your teeth. It also is better to sip on water over the course of a day. Plain water will not hurt the teeth and will keep them clean and free from stains.

Do you have dental stains? If so, we can help you by suggesting treatments or restorations that will make your teeth whiter. Why not give us a call today to find out more about the options?

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