The Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
The Benefits of Periodontal MaintenanceThe onset of periodontal disease means the infection has spread through your mouth. When our professionals notice you are infected with this disease, we come up with a periodontal maintenance plan.

This plan involves the complete cleaning of your mouth and gums, removal of bacteria, plaque, tartar, and intense cleaning of the gum line. You should also remember that removal of this infection is not possible in one sitting. This is why the maintenance plan is so crucial. Our professionals aim at controlling any periodontal disease in a 90-day comprehensive plan.

Why Periodontal Maintenance Is Important?

There is no cure for periodontal disease however it can be managed, controlled, and treated effectively. A 90-day maintenance plan is a non-surgical approach that is conservative but effective. It is a preferred choice over the extensive treatment that involves surgical procedures. During the 3 month plan, our professionals focus on removing the bacteria that cause the disease. It is important to follow this three-month plan since it helps to keep the bacteria away and you do not lose any of your teeth.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

As mentioned above, there is no cure for periodontal disease. The key is effectively controlling its spread. If you suffer from this disease, you should visit us at least once every three months. This helps us effectively clean your mouth and prevent the infection from spreading to your bone.

When you miss your appointment, this infection can spread to the soft tissue, destroy the bone, and even cause tooth loss. It also results in gum inflammation, bad breath, and a foul taste in your mouth. Your gums will often feel sticky and unhygienic no matter how often you clean up. All of this can be prevented with regular periodontal maintenance. If you suspect any of these symptoms please do not delay and book an appointment with us right away.
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