Things You May Not Realize Are Staining Your Teeth

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
Things You May Not Realize Are Staining Your TeethMany people are aware that coffee and wine can stain the teeth. However, there are many other foods and drinks that can cause staining and some may surprise you as they are often consumed on a daily basis. It is important to keep in mind that these food items will stain your teeth over a long period of time. You should not neglect food items that are liable to staining, especially if they are healthy and you enjoy them. However, you should be aware of how much you consume.

Food and Drink That Cause Staining

One element of almost every meal that can cause staining is sauces. Many of the sauces that we consume are liable to staining, including tomato-based sauces, curry and soy sauce. This means if you are having a Bolognese, masala or stir-fry, the ingredients could be staining your teeth. The reason for this is that they are all acidic and saturated in color, a combination that is likely to cause staining over time. To prevent staining, you can switch to lighter sauces, such as a carbonara, or make sure you brush your teeth soon after you finish your meal. Using less soy sauce in stir-fry will help decrease the likelihood of staining.

While tea and coffee are notorious for staining, consuming sports drinks and dark-fruit juices can also result in discoloration. If you are a frequent consumer of cranberry or grape juice, you may notice a discoloration of your tooth enamel. Sports drinks are acidic and high in sugar. This means that the enamel can be weakened by these ingredients and the coloring in the sports drink can stain the teeth. There are plenty of ways to combat enamel staining, both through your diet and through oral treatment at our office. To find out more, contact our office now.
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