Times When Biting Down May Hurt

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
Times When Biting Down May HurtWhen feeling pain in a tooth while biting down on something, it is absolutely time to come in and see us. Pain in a tooth is usually a sign that something is wrong. Many dental issues, when caught early, can be fixed quickly. No one should wait to be relieved of pain, and to get back to eating like normal.

What Causes Pain When Biting Down?

Pain in your tooth while biting down is a warning sign that your tooth is not right. It can be a bit shocking to bite down like normal, and suddenly have a sharp pain that causes you to be afraid to ever bite down again. The three most common causes of this are tooth decay, a cracked tooth, or possibly a filling that has come loose.

Tooth decay, or a cavity, slowly erodes away at the enamel of your tooth. Your enamel protects the nerves (dentin) of your tooth. As you can imagine, as a cavity sits, the enamel continues to erode, leading to greater nerve exposure.

Have you ever cracked a tooth? If so, you know the pain this can cause. Just like tooth decay, any damage to your teeth puts you at risk for the dentin to be exposed, which means when you bite down, the nerve endings feel it.

You may have had a cavity fixed years ago, and now the filling is trying to come loose. Unfortunately, under that filling is tooth decay. Thankfully, it was stopped with the filling. But now with the filling coming loose, that open decayed spot is exposed, leading to tooth pain when biting or chewing.

Can My Tooth Pain Be Fixed?

Yes – tooth pain can be fixed. Our office is here for you for all of your dental needs, including tooth pain. Call us today, and let's get rid of the pain.
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