How Modern Dental Practices Differ from Those of the Past

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
How Modern Dental Practices Differ from Those of the PastHippocrates and Aristotle wrote about their dental experience using red-hot wires to stabilize jaw fractures and loose teeth. Doesn't sound painless.

Flash forward to 2019 where stem cell research is being conducted towards regenerating a tooth using stem cell biology. It is a great time to be alive when you are in need of dental care.

Dental Procedures of the Past

In 1905 Alfred Einhorn formulates a local anesthetic procaine, it would later become marketed under the trade name Novocain. In 1938 the first nylon toothbrush would appear in markets with synthetic bristles. 1945 was the beginning of water fluoridation. Large cities like New York and Grand Rapids would begin adding sodium fluoride to public water systems.

Five years later, in 1950 the first fluoride toothpaste began being marketed. In 1957 the first high speed air driven drill was invented. Launching a new era of high-speed dentistry. By 1960, the dental chair, four-handed dentistry, the electric toothbrush, and lasers for gum disease are all in full effect.

Modern Day Dental Advancements

Back in 2017, researchers were able to perform a surgery to place dental implants using a robot, in China. While humans were there to watch and intervene if necessary, it goes to show that the future of dentistry has a lot to offer. Research is making ground in stimulating tooth dentin to regrow a tooth, making it possible to drill decay and then cause the tooth the regrow itself.

Automated scheduling based on your past visit's need has hit the markets. Depending on what the dentist did at your last appointment, the computer plans the most optimal time to schedule your next appointment, then schedules it.

There has been much in the way of dental advances yet more and more research is showing the next years to come will birth inventions and computer procedures solely responsible for dental care. Until that time comes, our office is staying ahead of growing technology to provide the best oral care possible. 
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