How a Composite Filling May Boost Your Confidence

Posted on 7/25/2019 by Amir Sanjabi, DDS
How a Composite Filling May Boost Your ConfidenceFinding out you need a filling is not a pleasant thing. It does not matter if you find out because you have symptoms such as pain or you don't have any symptoms but find out on a regular checkup at our office.

Needing a filling can cause a blow to your ego. You can lose confidence in what you do for your oral health. One way to restore you're your confidence is with the help of a composite filling.

Types of Fillings

When you need a filling, there are several different options. Gold fillings are more expensive, but they are also more durable than other types of fillings. Silver amalgam are strong and durable and less expensive. Ceramic fillings don't tend to stain. Glass fillings are commonly used for young children and for fillings below the gum lines.

Another type of filling is a composite filling. The composite filling is a resin that bonds to the tooth. They require the removal of less of the tooth structure and are very versatile. They also offer something that will help people feel better about themselves.

The Importance of Aesthetics
No one wants people to look at their smile and know that there are fillings in place. Gold, silver and other types of fillings are very obvious. They can lead a person to smile less and to worry about what others think of them. One of the biggest advantages of composite fillings is the ability to match the shade and color of the filling to the teeth. They look natural and that allows a person to show off their teeth without the fear of what others may think.

When people feel better about the way that they look they walk taller and prouder and do not shy away from others. That is a big confidence boost.

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