Common Excuses Used for Neglecting to Floss

Posted on 5/20/2019 by David Admin
Common Excuses Used for Neglecting to FlossFlossing is something that we should all do at least once a day. When it comes to having better oral health overall, you want to make sure that flossing is included in the daily oral habits that you have. You can brush and floss at night or do it in the morning.

As long as you're adding in the flossing at least once in the day, you're increasing your chances for having a healthier, better mouth overall.

However, not everyone flosses all the time like they should. There are many excuses that come through our doors when we see people and whether or not they floss. Here are some of the more common excuses.

Excuses for Not Flossing

There are many excuses for not flossing, such as:

•  I don't know how to floss
•  I don't have the time to floss
•  Flossing hurts

We Can Help You Keep Your Flossing Routine Top-Notch

Regardless of the excuse that you may have used, it is important that you try to make flossing happen. Your health is important, and your oral health is directly related to your physical health. By flossing, you're allowing yourself to have a happier, healthier smile overall and knowing you have better physical health, too.

Speak with our office about the tips and tricks you can use to floss. We want everyone to have a healthier mouth and our office can help you get just that. Don't forget to schedule your cleaning when you give us a call about your flossing!
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